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Located on Bureau of Land Management and state land, Devils Playground is a relatively unknown geologic curiosity found in a remote region of northwestern Utah. If you are not the boondocking type, check out http://www.campgroundreviews.com/ to find a campground in the area that meets your needs. We recommend that you update your browser to the latest version. You probably know that Bonneville is where adventurers try to break the world land speed records every year. Out to the west of Lucin is another amazing location. Its like a mix of nearby City of Rocks, and Goblin Valley. Turn left (southwest) and proceed 74.5 miles to the Emigrant Pass road. Turn right (north) and drive approximately 8.5 miles to the Devils Playground sign. Turn right (east) and proceed 0.2 miles to first granitic outcrops of Devils Playground. © 2017 | 202 Grid Blvd. Posted by 5 days ago. Glad You Asked: Ice Ages – What are they and what causes them? Turn left (north) and travel approximately 8.5 miles to the Devils Playground sign. In winter, this is a popular area to explore on skis or snowshoes, but be advised that reaching the trailhead during the season will be time-consuming. >Home > Fort Deseret,Utah > Milford, Utah > Shauntie, Utah > Topaz camp, Utah > North Oak Brush Canyon, Utah > Flinders Road, Utah > Fort Bridger, Wyoming > Mount Logan, Utah > Piedmont, Wyoming > The Dunes at St Anthony, Idaho > Map Page > Bear River Massacre, Utah > Sulphurdale, Utah > Jackson Mines, Elko County Nevada > Raul Canyon and Indian Springs, Utah > Union Pacific 844 > Trusted … Maryland also has a park where a rock ridge 512 feet above sea level was formed by erosion at the confluence of the Antietam and Beaver Creek and is a noted scenic area. Routes in Upper Devil's Playground. Follow Dave’s RV adventures as he travels the West in search of forgotten and unique places. Later, small magma bodies intruded into the granitic rock forming pegmatites (coarse-grained igneous rocks with interlocking quartz crystals, usually found as irregular dikes or veins). Directions: Click, County road 18 Alpine Loop Ouray, Colorado, Golden Spike historical site/Spiral Jetty, Utah. The area is loaded with old mines, odd rock formations and old mine camps. The USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) publishes a set of the most commonly used topographic maps of the U.S. called US Topo that are separated into rectangular quadrants that are printed at 22.75"x29" or larger. The pegmatites are easy to locate because they are more resistant than the surrounding rock, thus they resemble ribs and bones sticking out in relief. Climbing Area Map. The area offers rock climbing, ATV riding, endless photo opportunities, geocaching, the chance to see wildlife, hours of wandering among the formations, boondocking and more! All of the “devils,” alcoves, spires, arches, and small caves found at Devils Playground can be attributed to these physical and chemical weathering processes. FYI: Multi-use trail. The weathered granitic rock forms fantastic forms and eerie shapes. Monday through Friday, These huge concrete cylinders are perforated with the patterns of constellations, giving you your own personal planetarium. Less traveled is the summit route on Pikes Peak’s backside, from the Crags Trail. Turn left (north) and travel approximately 8.5 miles to the Devils Playground sign. Do watch out for rattlesnakes though, they are all over out there. For Dave, home is where you park it, the more remote the better! I did not find any but saw some awesome camp spots and formations. This picture shows my Jeep and some friends near one of the abandoned silver mines, high above the salt flats. Devils Playground is a remote and relatively unknown geologic curiosity. Salt Lake City, Utah 84114. Most crystals are milky white in color, but many clear, facet-quality specimens can be found with a little diligence. To see the contents of this page, you need to enable JavaScript. You’ll feel the initial ascent into the woods where the U.S. Forest Service has felled beetle-infested spruce trees in recent years. If you proceed on this road for several miles, the road will end up in the heart of Devils Playground. Introduction: Why take your kids to the neighborhood playground, when you can visit a playground that can inspire your sense of geologic adventure? The piece on the right started as an interpretation of a bronze age hatchet. The Devils Playground features granite rock that has weathered into unique forms and ghostly shapes over thousands of years offering something for everyone in your RV. Travel northwest on I-84 for 37 miles to exit 5. The ecosystem diversity is representative of the Sagebrush Steppe ecosystem in the Wyoming Basin ecosystem. Photo Credit: markbyzewski (Flickr). Turn left (west) on Highway 30 and travel 16 miles to Curlew Junction (a junction with Highway 42). Devils Playground is an awesome place that is really unique. Your browser version is outdated. © 2015-2020  MTNMAD.com All Rights Reserved. As a result, rounded shells of decomposed rock are repeatedly loosened and peeled off the unweathered core like the skin of an onion. 371. This remote area in west Box Elder county is well known by northern Utah rock hounds. I went to The Devil's Playground last weekend in search of Smokey Quartz. Fertile parts of the country had water stops almost anywhere, but in the parched deserts of Utah and Nevada water is scarce. While I was investigating Devils Playground online I started looking at the boondocking opportunities via GoogleEarth, quickly coming to the photo shown left. 1594 West North Temple, Suite 3110 To Pikes Peak, proceed across the highway. It has a range of colors from pure, glassy emerald green through the blue-green of tropical seas, and occasionally almost sky blue. An hour’s drive from Bonneville gets us to Lucin, but there’s really no reason to stop at the old ghost town. Success! Upper Devil's Playground Climbing. The Devil’s Playground is a great place to camp. This is a fee-free site. Things to do include backcountry camping, photography, OHV riding and rock climbing. Glad You Asked: Igneous, Sedimentary, & Metamorphic Rocks, The Rockhounder: Dugway Geode Beds, Juab County. This gleaming white surface is perfect for racing the fastest land vehicles on earth. More information about this wild geology is found on the Geology Utah website. From the parking lot in Pike National Forest outside Divide, follow the trail that starts by crossing a bridge over a creek. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Where’s the grade school playground monitor when you really need them? Research Campgrounds, Plan RV Safe Routes & Turn your phone into an RV GPS. Camping: West Route: From the northern I- 15/I-80 interchange in Salt Lake City, head west on I-80 153 miles to Oasis, Nevada (exit 378). Several specialized programs comprise the UGS: Energy & Minerals, Geologic Hazards, Geologic Information & Outreach, Geologic Mapping, Groundwater & Wetlands, and Paleontology. At exit 382 the freeway splits; I-84 continues to the northwest, and I-15 forks off and goes north. Monday through Friday, The Devil’s Playground is a great place to camp. There was an error processing your request. In my never ending search of new places to explore, I stumbled across an online reference to a place called Devils Playground in a remote region of northwestern Utah. US Topo Map. Coming from the West: From the northern I- 15/I-80 interchange in Salt Lake City, head west on I-80 153 miles to Oasis, Nevada (exit 378). There are tons of off road trails in the area. After many attempts I worked out a technique to grind down from the bronze matrix and green variscite toward the limestone host rock, leaving just enough material to create a color layer. Follow state route 30 to mile marker 33 and then head west in the mountains. Devils Playground, Utah. Take the left fork which slowly takes you south into the playground. Your email address will not be published. Covered RV Storage vs Motorhome Covers: What’s Best? Weimer's death was only the fifth in the park's climbing history that spans over a century. PO BOX 146100 Turn left (north) and travel approximately 8.5 miles to the Devils Playground sign. Turn right (east) and proceed 0.2 miles to the first granitic outcrops of Devils Playground on the right (south) side of the road. Not only do you have spectacular scenery, but there are places where the eroded sandstone has washed down into flat, sandy ‘beaches’ which make a very comfortable place to lay down and sleep. You have permission to edit this article. Basin and Range faulting and uplift of the Grouse Creek Mountains (approximately 13 million years ago) subjected the region to extensive physical weathering (surface water runoff and freeze-thaw), which over millions of years slowly peeled off the overlying sediments and sedimentary rocks. Sections of the boundary are ADA accessible. no comments yet. Turn right (northeast) on Nevada State Highway 233 (also Utah State Highway 30) for 57 miles to Emigrant Pass road. Share. Located on the east side of the Grouse Creek Mountains, the Devil's Playground in an awesome place to explore. Though rare, smoky, and rose crystals are occasionally discovered. It’s a bit like cutting opal – a bit too far and the piece is ruined. Routes in Upper Devil's Playground. Every twenty or thirty miles a small ranch house appears, where hardy souls attempt to wrest a living from this unforgiving moonscape. Upper Devil's Playground Climbing. The views, the challenge and the bragging rights that come with climbing America’s Mountain combine to make Barr Trail wildly popular. Less traveled is the summit route on Pikes Peak’s backside, from the Crags Trail. A thickness of roughly 3 to 6 miles of rock and sediment was removed before exposing the granitic rocks of the Emigrant Pass pluton. Description. Turn right (northeast) on Nevada State Highway 233 (also Utah State Highway 30) for 57 miles to Emigrant Pass road. Devil's Playground consists of granitic rock formed about 38 million years ago from a cooling magma body that intruded overlying sedimentary rocks that are much older. Turn right (north) and drive approximately 8.5 miles to the Devils Playground sign. Your email address will not be published. GPS Coordinates. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Get Free Weekly RV LIFE Updates in your Email Inbox. Turn right (east) and proceed 0.2 miles to the first granitic outcrops of Devils Playground. This desert is a good place to think about the fate of man. Box Elder County, Highway 30, Mile marker 33. The rate of weathering is greatest along the corners and edges where fractures and joints intersect because they have a greater surface-area-to-volume ratio than the rock faces. Trip log: 8.6 miles round trip (out and back), 2,987-foot total elevation gain, 12,958 feet max.

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