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Comments Policy: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic. if Cleopas is the same who was the husband of Mary the mother of James the lesser, it may then be inferred that he was the grandfather of the sons of I am at a low to understand how such exercises help the Faith.Respectfully,A Seminarian, Seminarian,It is true that, in Catechesis, we must first focus on the fundamentals of the faith -- on those doctrines clearly proposed to the faithful through Scripture and Tradition.Still, any who love the Lord will be like Jeremiah -- devouring his words! I never heard of that tradition in the Fathers. St. If he is the same Clopas mentioned in John 19 , his wife might be referred to as the sister of Jesus’ mother (actually her sister-in-law). [16] The Anglican theologian J.B. Lightfoot regarded the fragment quoted above as spurious.[17][18]. Salome (Mark 16:1, Fr. different English spellings are used in the transliterations. authority of the patristic witness is cited by the Jesuit scholar: “Helecas, The Catholic Encyclopedia, however, does not Purgatory is Based on a Promise of Jesus’, Ordo for the twenty-second week after Pentecost, Some thoughts on COVID measures in regard to Confession and how such measures have illustrated a serious weakness in the administration of canon law, Catechisms (Aquinas, Trent, Pius X, Baltimore, CCC), Collected Works of St. Alphonsus (Italian), Pratica del Confessore, St. Alphonsus (Italian), Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas (English), Reality, A Synthesis of Thomistic Thought. And they talked together of all these things which had happened. was the wife of Cleopas; there is, however, little textual evidence to support Who will consider the tradition as expressed by the great biblical scholar Fr. 16. Copyright © 2011 The New Theological Movement. James the less, and S. Jude, and the grandfather of S. James the greater and S. and Cleopas, the husband of Mary and father of James, are one and the same. is put down as the birthday of Blessed Cleopas, the disciple of Christ, who [10][11][12], Cleopas has no further occurrence in the New Testament, but in tradition he has often been identified with Clopas, another New Testament figure mentioned in John's Gospel. These children are the ones the Gospels speak of as the brothers of the Lord. Certainly, it is grammatically possible that the companion was a "[15], According to the surviving fragments of the work Exposition of the Sayings of the Lord of the Apostolic Father Papias of Hierapolis, who lived c. 70–163 AD, Cleophas and Alphaeus are the same person: "Mary the wife of Cleophas or Alphaeus, who was the mother of James the bishop and apostle, and of Simon and Thaddeus, and of one Joseph". Catholic Encyclopedia considers it to be highly unlikely that Cleopas of Emmaus Use a name or pseudonym and please keep the comments short (less than 100 words), to the point, and civil. that he was slain by the Jews in the castle of Emmaus because of Christ.’ He About Cleopas ben Jacob In the 2nd century Papias and Hegesippus mentioned Cleopas as a brother of Joseph who was the husband of Mary, mother of Jesus, and as the father of Simeon, the second bishop of Jerusalem. Cleopas is named in verse 18, while his companion remains unnamed.[7]. Cleopas and his friend hasten back to Jerusalem to carry the news to the other disciples, and learn Jesus has also appeared to [one of] them. Cornelius a’ Lapide states all this in abbreviated form: “This Cleopas was the a second and connected point, we mention the fact that these are accounts ... hopefully, the study of this verse will incline us to greater spiritual friendship and devotion.If we only took what was immediately apparent in Scriptures (leaving behind the treasured devotions and traditions), it would be very hard to pray ... certainly, imaginative (Ignatian) prayer would be ruled out completely; probably also the more affective prayer of St. Teresa of Avila ...Blessings to you in your vocation. Aside from the fact that he was an apostle and Our Lord would have been his second cousin, his mother and grandmother as well as his "Great Aunt" Mary were there as well.In any event, thank you for making St. Cleophas more well known. Saint Luke records that there were two men on the road to Emmaus on that first Easter Sunday when Christ appeared to them and made Himself known in the “breaking of the bread.” One of them is identified as “Cleophas.” Here’s the Scripture from Luke 24: 13. many again think that it was S. Luke himself, but it seems from the In Greek, “You ask, who were these two? But a different tradition says that Cleopas, the brother of St. Joseph, had died before St. Joseph, and that his wife and children were taken into the home of St. Joseph. derived from two Evangelists and not one – and it is not uncommon for numerous Lapide writes: “Emmaus was a village in the time of Christ, according to S. These people had a great deal of discernment. however, the names are different, one being Cleopas, abbreviated form of Distinguished from Cleopas, a … follow the Jesuit on this point, and argues instead that there were two men was therefore a martyr. Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Hegesippus noted that Clopas was a brother of Joseph. Very Cleopas has no further occurrence in the New Testament, but in tradition he has often been identified with Clopas, another New Testament figure mentioned in John's Gospel. Furthermore, some speculate that he was the brother of St. Joseph, the The martyrology of the Catholic Church identifies the date of the martyrdom of Cleophas as September 25th. from Jerusalem called Emmaus. “Cleophas: According to the Catholic English I know that during my studies in the seminary I had to waste time on the Historical Critical Method, which I find does me very little good in preparing homilies and understanding Scripture.In Christo,Stepinac, Oh Father, this is wonderful!!! this Cleopas (or Cleophas) with the wife of Mary (the mother of James the He was martyred at the hands of Jewish authorities in Judea. Cleophas was the father of St James the Less, St Jude, and Mary Salome (one of. All that is certain is that Clopas had two sons, James and Joseph, and that his wife was among the women at the cross. Some writers claim that the name Clopas in John 19:25 ("Mary of Clopas" Κλωπᾶς) is a Hellenized form of a claimed Aramaic name Qlopha (קלופא), and that Cleopas' name (Κλεόπας) is an abbreviated form of "Cleopatros", a Greek name meaning "glory of the father" (best known in the feminine form Cleopatra). And he said to them: What are these discourses that you hold one with another as you walk and are sad? Jerome the birthplace of Cleopas; who seems now to have gone thither for some The meaning of the Holy Name of Jesus, Everything you ever wanted to know about your guardian angel. Was St. Joseph present at the Visitation? The death of St. Monica and the filial love of St.... Did Jesus appear first to his Mother after the Res... A charismatic moment with Blessed John Paul II. versions the name of two persons mentioned in the New Testament. That very day, the first ).Veronica, Thanks so much for this post! They had watched Him grow up or had grown up with Him. +, Reginaldus,Thank you for the post. (Alpheaus), hence it would be no surprise if the two Evangelists spelled it The Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew, which was probably written in the seventh century, states that Mary of Clopas was daughter of Clopas and Anna: Jesus met them, with Mary His mother, along with her sister Mary of Clopas, whom the Lord God had given to her father Clopas and her mother Anna, because they had offered Mary the mother of Jesus to the Lord. As [8], The most common interpretation is that "of Clopas" indicates the husband of Mary of Clopas and subsequently the father of her children, but some see "of Clopas" as meaning this Mary's father. If your comment contains a hyperlink to another site, your comment automatically goes into "Comments Purgatory" where it waits for release by way of moderation. introduction to this Gospel that S. Luke had never seen Christ in the flesh, And yes, Seminarian, it DOES enhance my faith to think about how the people in the scriptures were related. book of Revelation, Jerusalem is spelled differently than in the Gospels). They are discussing the events of the past few days when a stranger asks them what they are discussing. [13], The historian, Bishop Eusebius of Caesarea, quotes the earlier chronicler, Hegesippus, who wrote, c. AD 180, that he had years before interviewed the grandsons of Jude the Apostle and learned that Clopas was the brother of Joseph, husband of the Virgin Mary: "After the martyrdom of James, it was unanimously decided that Simeon, son of Clopas, was worthy to occupy the see of Jerusalem. Cleopas is remembered on 30 October in the Eastern Orthodox Church,[19] 25 September in the Martyrology of the Roman Catholic Church, and on 10 November in the Coptic Orthodox Church. [3][4][5] Others consider that Clophas, Cleophas and Alphaeus are all the same name. And it came to pass that while they talked and reasoned with themselves, Jesus himself also, drawing near, went with them. Jesus immediately vanishes. then was the other disciple? which he had entertained the Lord. I would recommend that you re-read the last line of my article: "St. Cleopas, Pray for us!" And she was called by the same name, Mary, for the consolation of her parents. Upon the philological ground of a variety in pronunciation of the Hebrew root, sometimes identified with Alpheus, the father of James the Less. is a tradition of identifying Cleopas of Emmaus as the brother of St. Joseph.

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