cannondale stem bolts

There are 4 dimensions you need to check to make sure you get the correct stem. Go to previous slide - Best Selling. If you have not already registered your bicycle for warranty and recalls, please register on cannondale.com. Some bikes in the early 2010’s used 1.5″ steer tubes on Fox and other suspension forks. There are three common sizes: 25.4mm, 26.0mm, and 31.8mm. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. See the blue line above. The part number for a 100mm, 20 degree stem for Headshok size (HS = 1.56″) steer tube clamp would be QSE110X20HS/BBQ. If I had the stem below on my bike and wanted a shorter one in the same configuration, I could go with a 90mm length and it would be QSE090x0515/BBQ. Consumers with a bicycle equipped with an OPI stem should immediately stop using the bicycle and contact the nearest Authorized Cannondale Bicycle Dealer. View cart for details. A shorter 20 degree stem would help you out for sure, perhaps adding a new riser handlebar would get you the vertical rise you need. Cycling Sports Group, Inc. of Wilton, Connecticut. When modification is attempted to run tubeless, (i.e. H�ĕ;o�0�w��A�}R`hS{(ЩޢyA�t�_�(�lQ�I�"� Z����!��j�(�7�eKX����ٗ���������������q���v ��ͦ���XT�N�)*tL�k` _o?��c-+d{�u�%²=�W� c�u�iZHeb片�y� '���E,ȡ�I�-)�'������(����q"���y��ա�P��~5�~A��a��]����k�i#����a�H���9R��\��P{�K��`� We have elected to conduct a recall of the fender and fender attachment hardware in order to provide riders with a more robust attachment system, and are working to finalize this improved attachment system and obtain required government approvals. Kit includes one stem and SystemBar Mounting Hardware (Cannondale part number K28018). Components suffering from stress fatigue can fail suddenly and catastrophically, causing loss of control, serious injury or Slate wheels can be identified by the "Slate" logo decal on both the front and rear wheels. 00. At Cannondale, we know that our riders demand the highest levels of performance, quality, and safety, under the most challenging riding conditions, and we hold ourselves and Cannondale products to that standard. I tried loosening the stem bolts, then loosening the top bolt (the one that pulls up on the fork), and then I tightened the stem bolts back to 4.5NM. Be Safe. Black gloss, Slide {current_page} of {total_pages} - You May Also Like. Is it just the added stiffness of the c1? Slate is safe when ridden in the original condition with an inner tube. Very few Cannondale bikes use anything other than 31.8mm handlebars and stems. Small scratching. Now here is the real problem. Something went wrong. tubeless. If you have any questions about this Safety Notice, please call: In Europe, please consult your nearest Authorized Cannondale Dealer. Cannondale Dealers will inspect the bicycle OPI stem and A subtle difference, but different enough that they are not interchangeable. B%r+��!�,Ch&Z�/��� �4��BY�� ���=D���w�'��}g���jL��*CЉ~�z�T& ;%�_NI���S�)g>x���C����~��*�H-��di���}���L�&9�5IQ=ԋeb��&�2�K�|�"Iw�/A�4��gmb��,4~�����`@�S� ��3 endstream endobj 204 0 obj <>stream These are the three most common size of threadless steer tube sizes used on Cannondale bicycles. Many stems have 5-7 degree angle to them. I wanted to ask if there are any adjustable stems I could purchase instead of a fixed one that would fit my bike. This recall is being conducted in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. H��UMk9�7��qth��$�$0���r�[&,�7β�f��-=O��L��S The highest rise on most Cannondale stems is 20 degrees. 1 1/8″ Size: Most road, recreational, and entry level road bikes use 1 1/8″ steer tubes. See the angle between the two purple arrows above. My c3 stem came in at 112.3g including bolts, my c1 is 126.5g including bolts. Plastic bearing seal, and bottom tightener. I tried loosening them and then re-tightening them to 3.5 NM. /wc~�c=RDyN����ʼVS��V�r��8�\�ߎ��0%�1��{Ń�j���q�E��);�'X���eצ���߾vۣ(��Yq��6�4��@)��$�����vP Stem rise angle and length work together to determine where the handlebar sits in relation to the rest of your bike. While 1.5″ is close to 1.56″, Headshok size is significantly larger in diameter and is not interchangeable. Cannondale SI Mountain BB Bearing Seal, HUCDQC074. have to take your bike off the trails to do this, but your safety is important to us. Stem rise angle and length work together to determine where the handlebar sits in relation to the rest of your bike. CannondaleSpares.com is part of Revel Outdoors, a specialist Cannondale dealer based in Suffolk, UK. 2014 Tandem Bicycles Frame Recall Notice - English -, 2013 Slice RS Frame Recall Notice - English -, 2008 Scalpel Recall 100 Frame Recall Notice - English -, Certain Gemini Frame 2002 2003 Recall - English -, Easy Rider Addendum 2002 Recall - English -, 2007 Carbon SI Crank Recall Notice - US English -, 2007 Carbon SI Crank Recall Notice - UK English -, 2007 Carbon SI Crank Recall Notice - Spanish -, 2007 Carbon SI Crank Recall Notice - German -, 2007 Carbon SI Crank Recall Notice - French -, 2007 Carbon SI Crank Recall Notice& - Italian -, 2007 Carbon SI Crank Recall Notice - Dutch -, 2007 Lefty Speed DLR2 and Lefty Speed Carbon SL Recall Notice - English -, 2007 Lefty Speed DLR2 and Lefty Speed Carbon SL Recall Notice - Spanish -, 2007 Lefty Speed DLR2 and Lefty Speed Carbon SL Recall Notice - German -, 2007 Lefty Speed DLR2 and Lefty Speed Carbon SL Recall Notice - French -, 2007 Lefty Speed DLR2 and Lefty Speed Carbon SL Recall Notice - Italian -, 2007 Lefty Speed DLR2 and Lefty Speed Carbon SL Recall Notice - Dutch -, Carbon Lefty Second 2001 Recall - English -, Handlebar Bag 2004 2005 Recall - English -, Raven2 Bottom Bracket Repair 2001 Recall - English -, C1 Carbon Front Brake On Certain Synapse & System6 Bikes Recall - English -, Campagnolo Quick Release 2001 Recall - English -. The length is the extension. CannondaleSpares.com specialises in Cannondale spare parts, Cannondale Accessories and Cannondale Clothing. Both are listed at 100mm, but the c3 is more like 95mm. Be Seen. Once the front fender is removed, you can keep riding your Canvas Neo without any front fender. article .content-assist .paragraph-with-title td { If your bicycle is subject to recall, please stop riding and bring your bicycle to your nearest Cannondale Dealer for inspection and fork replacement. death.” This was called ‘Oversized’ for many years. article .content-assist .paragraph-with-title img { 1.5″ Size: With the introduction of the SuperMax Lefty, Lefty 2.0, and Lefty Oliver, Cannondale has switched to 1.5″ steer tubes. The number etched onto the back of the clamp is a portion of the stem’s part number. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total Ratings 1, $15.00 New. There have been a few in Europe but never available in the USA. Once the rack is removed, you can keep riding your Treadwell. On Cannondale Lefty 1.0 forks, generally 90mm is the shortest stem length possible before the handlebar would contact the top of the Lefty. If you are changing the stem currently on the bike, the stem you have may tell you a lot. �� [2L���ĕj�j�xkFc�8�1���2�튔kefl����Ej�(��6�ޯ'����7�mK@�lP������u�GoF�5��*�U4"���H�,��l�i������p�aO����` ���e endstream endobj 205 0 obj <>stream This recall affects Cannondale mountain bikes produced between 2011-2015 with a Lefty front fork assembled with a component known as an "OPI Stem" and an "OPI Steerer." As we announced previously, following a few reports of issues with the bolts that attach the front rack on some Cannondale Treadwell bicycles that caused the rack to become detached from the bicycle and abruptly stop the front wheel, we elected to conduct a recall of the rack in order to provide riders with a more robust attachment system. However, while it is not unsafe to run these bikes with tubes, we would like everyone to receive a new wheelset. Enduro Bearing 608 LLB - ABEC 3 . Lefty 2.0 and SuperMax forks have been change to accommodate down to 60mm stem generally without interference. $50.00 $ 50. Some OPI stems were also sold as aftermarket stems. 6 Month, Suncentech 31.8 Bike Stem Adjustable 0-60 Degree Bicycle Stem Handlebar Riser Extender for Road Bike, Mountain Bike, MTB, BMX (Only Fit 1.25"/31.8mm Handlebar), FOMTOR 31.8 Stem 70mm 90mm 110mm 17 Degree Bike Handlebar Stem Riser MTB Stem Suitable for Mountain Bike Road Bike BMX MTB Black, FOMTOR Bike Stem Riser MTB Handlebar Riser Stem Extender for Mountain Bike, Road Bike, MTB, BW Handlebar Stem – Fit Stem for Mountain, Road, and Hybrid Bikes – Multiple Size Options Avaliable, ONIPAX M5x20mm Bike Allen Hex Tapered Stainless Bolts Screws with Washer for MTB STEM 20pcs/Bag, Funnduro MTB Stem, Bar Clamp 35mm, Ultralight and Tough Alloy stem for Mountain Bike, Bike Motorcycle Phone Mount, Universal 360°Rotation Adjustable Bicycle Phone Holder,Motorcycle Handlebar Mount Fits for iPhone 11 Pro Max/XR/XS Max/8/7/ 6/6s Plus, Galaxy S9/S9 Plus, SENQI 22.2×25.4mm Electroplating Gooseneck Stem Aluminum Alloy Stems with Teeth BSB040, FIFTY-FIFTY Dual Lock-on Mountain Bike Grips, Profile Designs Canta Road Bicycle Stem - 31.8 - RSCTA84, MTB Stem 31.8 35 Stem 60mm -20 Degree Wake Mountain Bike Stem Short Handlebar Stem for Most Bicycle, Road Bike, MTN, BMX, Fixie Gear, Cycling (Aluminum Alloy, Black), Perfect your fit and control with stems from FSA, Be Cool. Cannondale dealers and riders should remove the rack from any Treadwell bicycles and save rack parts for re-attachment. Showing slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES} - Best Selling. This safety notice affects all 2016 Cannondale Slate bicycles sold worldwide. article .content-assist .paragraph-with-title table { H�\�͎�0���ɀ�a��> ���HK�B��ۯ��;A�*���W�V'���0��J�O���gu�n����z����a����v��䷽��U�����/��|]m6*���鮞\w}�ϫ�������ӯ������8��?�j��[��s(��4~=]�J$��Ѕ��| 9K���蕑��0�������4���f>[�ه�v���`�۹�}�B���u�n�6��:��y�s ��. - OPI Stems are marked with the “OPI” logo in black with a white stripe above. Cannondale Shock Mount Hardware for Rize RZ - KP071. This could lead to fork failure, with risk of a serious accident or injury. I`ve just changed my Cannondale C2 stem bolts to black anodised titanium (because I`m like that alright) . the top cap and the expander end provides critical support to the carbon steerer when tightening the stem bolts.

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