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A deadpan approach works out pretty well for some – looking at you 21 Savage. The actor and singer probably best known for his role portraying Clay Jensen on the polarizing Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. I’ll leave you with one last ‘gem’ from Tiagz: Guess what happened to Jeff Bernat? That’s definitely ‘hell yeah’ worthy if I do say so myself! The Musical Hype, Form action That’s right, this playlist may have boring songs – eight of them hailing from 8 Songs That Certainly Won’t Leave You Bored – but ultimately, none of the 15 songs are a total bore. After Roach ‘brings it on home’ with the chorus and the utterly repetitive post-chorus (“I’m bored, bored…”), Tyga goes into his usual, sexed-up spill. Unfollow. Mark my words, there is nothing the least bit boring about AK nor the song at hand. WheeIn (MAMAMOO) (휘인 (마마무)), Jeff Bernat, 비오 (B.O.) Minnette, along with fellow members Cole Preston and Braeden Lemasters dropped their debut album, Nothing Happens, 2019. I didn't know who to tag so I just tagged all the cc's I saw on my dash atm aksdjhsakfhl you don't have to do this if you don't wish!!! Deezer: free music streaming. Rapper-singer DRAM flaunts his Christmas music chops on a three-song holiday single, ‘#1Happy Holiday.’ BigBabyMom is the sole featured guest. The Latest & Greatest Updates on K-Pop Comebacks & Debuts ! Jeff Bernat - Bored. The biggest thing that stands out about “Got Bored” is AK himself. If you’re checking this playlist out at the date of publication, you are well aware of how COVID-19 has changed lives worldwide, and definitely upped the boringness. Likewise, the production maintains similar composure, with its gentle, but totally fitting palette of sounds: piano, warm synths, and light, rhythmic drums. 5 (2016) Dean ft. Crush & Jeff Bernat - What 2 Do . On the pre-chorus, Eilish asserts, “Giving you what you’re begging for / Giving you what you say I need, say I need,” clearly suggesting she’s skeptical to the nth degree. AK certainly has fuel for the fire. Throughout the verses, Bea Miller highlights a connection that transcends beyond the bedroom. “Boy, my bedroom floor is a cereal burial, I’m serious / I ate ‘em all, dry boxes, bodies, yeah, I caught ‘em…” Hmm, interesting. This is that ‘grown and sexy’ brand of R&B – the type that ‘makes you feel some type of way.’ That type of way, my friends, is NOT boredom. “And it’s a long way back from 17 / The whispers turn into a scream / And I… I’m not coming home.” Okay… Despite the fact that Tom DeLonge may or may not have been focusing his energies on UFOs, beloved punk-pop band Blink-182 made a comeback in 2016 with California. If you are BORED, particularly “Ultra Bored” like Zack Eckert, well, you’ve come to the right place. Also, the song at hand, “Bored,” appeared on the original bored-themed list, 8 Songs That Certainly Won’t Leave You Bored. “I’m so bored in my house tiktoking with their friends at that big nice house.” “Bored in My House (Quarantine)” is one of many products of the ‘spawn of Satan’ otherwise known as the COVID-19 pandemic. His un-energetic approach certainly doesn’t make it a rousing effort but that’s actually the point – the man is bored out of his mind! Tyler, the Creator enters the picture on the second verse, getting down to business as usual. Stream Jeff Bernat - Bored by lnfatuated from desktop or your mobile device. This helps to give the record its distinct sound while also being totally nostalgic to the band in their heyday. I was totally wrong.”  Hey, at least he’s honest, and honesty is the best policy! He got totally – wait for it – “Bored.” Even so, the R&B singer asserts, “I’d rather be bored / Bored doing nothing with you.” That’s so stinking sweet, especially when there’s so much boredom in 2020 to float a totally bored boat. The record keeps things short, sweet, chill, and enigmatic among other things. His confidence is through the roof, and his flow – top-notch! Jeff Bernat – Bored Release Date: 2020.04.20 Genre: R&B/Soul Language: Korean Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps Track List: 01. In the context of thank u, next, the fifth studio album by Ariana Grande, “Break up with Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” has the monstrous task of following number one hits “7 Rings” and “Thank U, Next”. Furthermore, House of Wolf and Skylar Mones do a damn good job with the production. Transcendent it’s not, but hey, we all need something to lift our spirits. In case you are unfamiliar with Bernat, he’s a Filipino-American singer/songwriter. He got totally – wait for it – “Bored.” Even so, the R&B singer asserts, “I’d rather be bored / Bored doing nothing with you.” That’s so stinking sweet, especially when there’s so much boredom in 2020 to float a totally bored boat. Discover more than 56 million tracks, create your own playlists, and share your favourite tracks with your friends. 2020-08-04T23:23:28Z Comment by DYNE Jeong. Listen to Bored by Jeff Bernat - Bored. Instead, we have 15 BORING SONGS THAT ARE TOTALLY EXCITING. Here’s the thing, though. mooooosa . Unsubscribe, © 2020 by Brent Faulkner (The Musical Hype). Gallant, Tablo & Eric Nam - Cave Me In, Tagged by @jungshiii​​ and @je0n to do this challenge, thank you my loves. Ft. Rex Orange County & Anna of the North, “Boredom got a new best friend / Cause boredom got a new best friend.” Rex Orange County, Corinne Bailey Rae, and Anna of the North handle vocal duties at the beginning of “Boredom”, one of many highlights from Flower Boy, the critically acclaimed, Grammy-nominated 2017 album by rapper/producer Tyler the Creator. Naturally, he “Need [him] a thick chick” because he’s “Sittin’ on the couch… goin’ through Netflix.”  Even if he’s ‘healthy at home,’ he still thinks with his penis: “At home like Depot, ayy (Depot) / She gon’ suck it like mosquito, ayy.” Yeah, really rousing stuff there…. “Wish I weren’t so self-obsessed,” she sings on the first verse, continuing, “Wish that I could be the best / Excited with my words, but I’m nervous and I’m bored.”, “And he can’t help himself from explaining / All the things he does to girls during sex.” Uh oh… We have an anti-straight boy anthem on our hands – nothing boring about that, right? Grande continues to shine with stunning vocals, while the production remains slick, and the songwriting entertaining and ultimately, sound. Right. ), This is supposed to be kpop songs but I listen to more general Korean music and K-rnb/K-hiphop so I changed it a bit. “Bored with You” appears as the spirited opener of Hanson’s 2019 EP, Junk. Prepare yourself for total mind stimulation! “The games you played were never fun / You’d say you’d stay but then you’d run.” That’s the brief first verse, and the ‘second is like unto it’ – “I’m home alone, you’re God knows where / I hope you don’t think that shit’s fair.” Ah, matters of the heart seem to come into play on the song “Bored” which isn’t the least bit boring to say the least. That’s certainly a title with a negative connotation, but I wouldn’t characterize the song at hand as junky in the least! On the infectious chorus, he proclaims, “And I’m so bored of straight boys / Who only wanna talk football, down alcohol, and hassle women.”. But beyond that background, there’s something else that makes “Someday (Before U Get Bored)” pretty cool – he samples The Strokes! And, even if Tiagz isn’t exactly thrilled to perform, it’s still, um, a ‘charming’ performance you might say. Jeff Bernat Bored kr&b kmusic solo artist male 2020. Kali Uchis, 9. offonoff - Cigarette feat. “Bored of Straight Boys” previously appeared on the playlists 8 Songs That Certainly Won’t Leave You Bored, 14 Songs That Are About Boys or Girls, 100 Best Songs of 2018, and A Compendium Comprised of 100 Notable LGBTQ+ Songs. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! He is, indeed, bored, by his own admission, followed by the aforementioned play on words, as well as exaggerated lyrics such as, “I’ve been in this fuckin’ room so long / My eyes are turning to drywall.” Eventually, Tyler, joined by the supporting cast close things out. Take it all with a grain of salt. “Okay, I’m bored in the house and I’m in the house bored / Bored in the house and I’m the house bored.” Hmm, that’s, um, definitely enthralling stuff Curtis Roach. Apparently, the energetic standout also takes a jab at the aforementioned, supposed UFO-exploring Tom DeLonge, on the chorus, excerpted at the beginning of this paragraph. (2016) Dean ft. Crush & Jeff Bernat - What 2 Do. “Shit, where you at? Shin Yong Jae - You, Clouds, Rain, Woo Wonjae feat. If you haven’t become hip to the New Jersey rapper, well, the time is now. “Bored to Death” appeared on the original bored-themed playlist,  8 Songs That Certainly Won’t Leave You Bored. “I’m still thinking, let’s pretend to fall asleep now / When we get old, will we regret this? Things change from being youthful and vivacious to being nothing short of a drag – a total bummer filled with bills, “beauty warps and fades,” and keeping “my prescriptions filled.” That ultimately includes the problems suffered in the USA with joblessness, economic issues, etc. Musicians gracing this totally NOT bored affair include AK (“Got Bored”), Ariana Grande (“Break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored”), Tessa Violet (“Bored”), Tyga & Curtis Roach (“Bored in the House”), and Wallows (“Are You Bored Yet?”) among others. / I’ve been laying alone in my room / And I’m out of my mind.” That portion of the first verse certainly speaks to a couple of things – boredom and, well, loneliness, horniness… For those who were sad she didn’t drop the f-bomb, well, she comes through on the pre-chorus: Hmm, so she’s more interested in smoking than… To each his or her own, I suppose. Behold, the chorus in all of its glory, accompanied by guitar, keyboards, and drum programming: “Slow it down / Slow it down, a second though / Hold it down, for my roots seven thirty dos / I don’t want, ever be on a pedestal / You and I, we’re the same, don’t forget it, no.” If you need a banger in your life, look no further than “Got Bored” by my man, AK! Roach and Tyga are actually ‘relatable’ on the utterly dumb, minimalist banger “Bored in the House”. a list of songs to that provide the comfort of rainfall. Over the course of an intro, hook, and verse, they set up ‘boredom’ as a contradiction: “Find some time / Find some time to do something.”. The Canadian rapper keeps it short on this anthem of utter boredom – under two minutes to be precise. Unfollow. While “Bored” is a contemporary R&B cut, it has ‘throwback’ vibes written all over it. The aforementioned lyrics are not only the chorus, but also appear at the beginning of “Bored with You.” Then, she drops the bomb – but not the f-bomb. It should be noted that even the Springsteen record is critical of certain facets of life in the U.S.A. “Bored in The U.S.A.” just adds fuel to the fire. “You got me some type of way / Ain’t used to feelin’ this way / I do not know what to say / But I know I shouldn’t think about it.” Hmm, yield not to temptation! 23 notes. Hanson has plenty of attitude and energy, plus she sings pretty well. “Bored” was a highlight from the soundtrack for the Netflix Original Series, 13 Reasons Why, released in 2017. Per his official Facebook page, he’s “An LA based singer, rapper, multi-instrumentalist and producer who cooks up a modern punked-up style of his own.” That description (and realization of such talents), coupled with Bruno’s distinct look makes him quite intriguing. Nonetheless, this girlfriend-driven single is another worthwhile moment from thank u, next in all respects. Notably, Steve Aoki dropped a remix of the standout, which can be seen below. Fishel also incorporates same-sex references, including, “Somebody didn’t get enough bromance in as a teen, I suppose / Finally getting your chance to enjoy some same sex action with all of your bros.”  And to all the straight boys out there, he’s “…Not calling all hetero boys out/…But we all know those bros who act like dickheads.” Colorful joint to say the least… maybe not for straight boys though.

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