balvenie 17 doublewood discontinued

Smoother and more complex than its younger counterpart. But if your happy spending a little extra, the 17 is a beautiful one.

A little dry. It is what it is. But before he did, we sat there at a casual 4 pm meeting and finished half bottle of it with no chaser or snacks.

Tastes like wood, fruits, and toffee. Extremely difficult not to drink it all as I have promised my son we will have a tot or two when he is back from Uni. This is the comparison for every new whiskey I try. He said it made his tast like "a cheap bottle of blended scotch". There is no way I can believe that someone would think that this scotch is watery. The nose is clean with a promising hopes of sweetness from the sherry - but I could hardly pick up anything past the oak. Each stage lends different qualities to the resulting single malt whisky.

Tasting notes say warm acacia honey and green apples on the nose which is quite interesting as I got pear as I was drinking it last night.

overall good value for money and a choice bottle to bring to casual and formal occasions. The Scotch Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business), Distillers' Single Malts between 13 and 20 years old - 2019, Distillers' Single Malts between 13 and 20 years old - 2014, Just so you know, we can't actually ship to, By clicking "Submit" you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to our, This product does not contain any notifiable allergens. A wonderful Speyside from Balvenie, a bit darker and with better mouth feel than the Double Wood 12.
Smells like wood and fruits. I have had Balvenie 17year old once before when on holiday in the West Highlands of Scotland. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Balvenie 17 is the necter of the gods,it's heavenly! We already know Balvennie 12 Doublewood very well. OUR PRICE: $149.99. Fans of the 12yo will like this a lot. I've never tasted such a beautiful, rich and sweet whisky before. Over all pleasant, but to similar to the 12 in taste. sales tax.

The American oak imparts the vanilla and the closer grained European oak give more spiciness and the sherry influence as well. There is a lot of incredible whisky for this price!

Copyright © The Whisky Exchange 1999-2020. this is my fave scotch. No spam and entirely confidential. I have many variety of scotch in my collection, however this is one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. perhaps their next release will have more influence from the sherry casks - that I'd like to see. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

The same way Glenfiddich does, but twice as strong. My son-in-law does a scotch tasting every year with friends, with people bringing dozens of bottles of high end scotch. excellent whiskey.

Good whisky but I would not buy again.

There was a sherry finish that covers it up, but it's still there, and I'm not that big of a sherry-finish fan anyway (except oddly in the Lagavulin DE).

Vanilla, honey, mild sherry, low ABV. An elegant, smooth-sweet finish of light vanilla and apple.- MJM.
Layered & quite a long finish. This is a fantastic Speyside whisky. Bought this as many do, based on the reviews. The Whisky Exchange is the registered trademark of Speciality Drinks Limited. Only the 21 YO is better, Predictable Balvenie.

Buy a bottle, because a sample won't do it. Expecting that is ignorant.

It is an all round clean malt - great nose with a clear mix of bourbon oak and sherry oak characteristics. Overall - a decent dram that I didn't mind tasting, but far overpriced. Absolutely no smoke or peat, velvety smooth and goes on for a long, long time. Cannot understand them. Only surpassed by the 21 year old portwood. I do not like the 14 or the Caribbean cask. This is certainly not a 1 star whisky. The price is fair for a 17year I think, but against the 12year it's very hard because that is a beautiful one and for value I honestly think your better getting the 12year. NOT PEATY, NO SMOKE! Over the period of maturation it is transferred from a traditional oak whisky cask to a first fill European oak sherry cask. Master of Malt supports responsible drinking - Sip, don't Gulp. Wonderful tasting single malt, one of the best I've ever had, it delivers on every front, Balvinie at its finest. The nose is beautiful, with candy coated pear and vanilla and cotton candy. 46-48% ABV could have helped in a bit more intensity. This is the first dram from Day One of my whisky advent calendar (an early Xmas present to myself). The 17 was such a disappointment!!!!!!!! If I could afford to I would buy another ten bottles before its no longer available.the only downside for me is the price tag. No pepper whatsoever in this dram. This is a very fine whisky and I will now only drink Balvenie 17 or nothing.

I admit that the 17 has lovely body and subtle complexity, but it is, to my taste, lacking in both flavor and finish. Wish the price would come down a bit, but the structure is tight. I'm saving up for the 40! Copyright © 2018 WineToship.com. I love the 21 Portwood! Flavors deep in the middle. Fruit, oak, vanilla.

Good whisky. The start tough but smooths out quickly. We reviewed the Balvenie 12 Doublewood a few months back and the consensus was that it’s a pleasant whisky but just lacking that little extra character. And it always wins. Balvenie 12 Year Old - The Sweet Toast of American Oak, Balvenie 12 Year Old Single Barrel - First Fill, Balvenie 19 Year Old - The Edge of Burnhead Wood. A liquid sticky toffee pudding. I bought a sample bottle of this recently and I absolutely loved it. I had the 12 year double wood and absolutely loved it.

Full of flavor, the 43% gives it that really nice refreshing/cooling feeling on the finish which I love. Do justice to it by using this as disinfectant or mouth rinse.

May not be everybody’s favourite but this is a superb scotch! Great whisky! To each his own, so I don't bash other brands and will not name any here. My Cousin works for a distributor and he got 2 bottles of these as a prize for employee of the month and he gave me one just because. this is within the last 4 - 5 years. Love Love LOVE IT!! Elegant and bursting with flavour!

I'd love to find another whiskey this good for this price. I see some negative reviews. A special dram.

Too expensive, but this whisky is full of delicious notes of fruits, honey, and a sweetness that is so nice. Oddly enough my wife picked up the vanilla finish just from the empty glass. Smooth with that vanilla and honey finish. Arran 18, Auchentoshan 21, Bruichladdich 22, Glen Scotia Victoriana. I would recommend it to anyone who appreciates a good Whisky.

Plums, sherry, cherry, red apples, smooth finish of pears and blood orange but still feel the Balvenie 21 reigns supreme. The finish is long, indeed, but I thought I'd been chewing on wood chips. Has a deeper flavour to the 12year, even more smooth (if that's possible) and the finish is longer. Still initially matured in 'whisky oak' casks before being switched to sherry wood to finish, the extra years give it extra depth without being overpowering. It was so smooth I actualy thought it had been watered down. It may be something best saved til winter. I am a big fan on the 12yr balvenie and after my 3rd bottle thought I'd spend a little extra and get the 17 Year.Overall its good. What I do find really surprising is some of the reviews below. Excellent stuff and in my opinion one of the best. Its very smooth and for the price you can't go wrong. So I thought I'd plump for for something a little older.

Without doubt the best thing I’ve had in a glass.

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