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I have seen some of these very things you speak of in my own sorority…however with each organization I tell every one the same thing: Every Chapter is NOT the same. I would pose to you the question did you make it better or worse. I love all people but especially my people, and with that I will say that regardless of any organization affiliation that I may have in the future, I will better everyone around me. When we held Alpha balls and cotillions, they were meant to give the students a reason to put on their good clothes and have a good time. This November my other 9 line brothers and I will proudly celebrate 20 years in the fold. Brother Peace maker, I do hope you receive thus message in good favor. The brothers at the university across the way kept their distance. Me being the naïve nincompoop that I was this man helped take care of me and helped me adapt to my first semester in college. There are special events that are designed to promote bourgeoisie behavior and aristocratic airs. It’s funny too because I always have somebody random asking me what they need to do to join a frat….LOL…yeah exctly.. I’m not in one….. Did you engage? The members of this fraternity have the ability to shape it exactly as they see fit. Speak with members at both levels and then make a decision based on what you think is best. I’m all for brotherhood…it’s very much needed, but not at the expense of my culture and heritage. Your ways are not my ways. But as far as the organizations portraying “White,” I do not fully agree with. I could not agree with your sentiment more. I may sound like an imposter. Someone needs to publish this.. it reminds me of the letter from birmingham jail and the opposition letter that caused Dr. King to initially write the letter. Any organization would be that much greater with your affiliation. I am interested to know your take on what they have contributed. All fraternal societies have a “social aspect” but this is not the primary purpose of their origin nor should it be the primary purpose for which a person should seek membership. Highbrid Nation » Blog Archive » Black History’s Businessman of the Day - John H. Johnson, Russell Kinsaul and the Willful Ignorance of Racism. Decorate a series of cookies and give in sets of 3. Alpha Punch | Alpha Phi Alpha (ΑΦΑ) Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Male Alpha Fraternity 4 Life Cool Shirts Punch Greek Train T Shirts For Women. You don’t know a thing about me but feel entitled to judge me as nothing but talk. The future can only hope. It didn’t work out. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Its funny that the gentleman’s name is peacemaker when he is deliberately disturbing the Peace!) Comment by Olaniyi Akinsanya | | Reply. We claim we do this to honor King’s works. Alpha is a prime example of the poor choices the black community continues to make with our limited resources. Trust me you would not be the first nor the last brother to do so. Saved by Robert Manning. Wednesday, April 22, 2009 Thanks for reading, and I appreciate your comments. Which all leads me to think that you aren’t an actual brother of Alpha Phi Alpha, and really just posing as one. we create smiles . Different noodles can be used in different recipes … One of the Jewels was quoted in saying; “service before self.” I helped rebuild my chapter also. “I find it humorous that you would create assertions that are baseless, and probably do nothing but ease your mind about your supposed decision.”. As I stated previously, my point is to place Alpha Phi Alpha within a social context–not to excuse its failures and shortcomings. Please learn not to take it so personally. The fact is once someone goes Greek everyone changes. My personal College Experience: I do, however, wish that you would consider returning to the “folds” of the fraternity. After personal deliberation, I have come to the conclusion that, whatever we do, we must serve as role models for those that we wish to lead. Comment by Will | Sunday, August 24, 2008 That’s the moment I came to, when I woke up in a wrecked car and saw the swirling sirens of the police. You’re right about one thing, it isn’t for everybody, Hopefully one day, you will let it go, good luck, Comment by Ape | While on the outside, brothers are ONLY going to see you as a complainer. But my thinking has enjoyed much better meals. The process I went through taught me to stand strong through any situation. Add in slowly sour cream, eggs, and vanilla. If you trust your better instincts, the choice is simple. The frat would rather build ninety million dollar temples to the past than invest in the black community’s future. We don’t give tributes to people who build tributes. But if the org is so lost in the wilderness part of me wants to not just write them off. However, my school has a Grad chapter, much better than the undergrad. The future can only hope. The following year my roommate was gone and a senior from the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity put me in his crosshairs. I helped to keep the chapter from dying off. No one said that Alpha Phi Alpha was exclusive to this arrangement. That was beautifully put. Sorry to hurt your feelings. But we also have excellent men who try to unite and effect change. I have to confess that I never did care for the Sigmas. Change can happen from without. About 6-7 blocks away blacked out, I totaled my car in a bush. Comment by John | From your story it sounds as if you did not recieve a positive collegiate experience of Alpha Phi Alpha and most likely Alpha or any fraternity period was not meant for you to be apart of. What sort of fraternity My chapter did not have one brother when i entered it, but we only had a handful of workers who shared the same goals. I suffer from no personal grudge against Alpha Phi Alpha. We Stay Up Late. I don’t remember which organization makes “the force,” but let’s just say instead of using “the force”… ” the force USED me. I’m a former member of Phi Beta Sigma and I share your sentiment. When he would leave the Alpha chapter on the yard would die unless some new recruits were made. If I were to make a lifetime commitment to any entity, how do these things translate to anything good and enable African-American progress? As to the following comments, you cannot label every Orginization, chapter, or even individuals as being poor representation of Blacks. Thanks! | Reply. Anyone mind to clarify? My criticism of the fraternity is not driven by some deep seated dramatic hatred. I am a junior in college and all of my friends are in a greek organization. The message about the memorial to Dr. Marting Luther King, Jr. is an eye opener. Aug 29, 2019 - Explore Alpha Phi's board "Go Greek", followed by 6190 people on Pinterest. Alpha Phi Alpha is not for everyone and everyone is not for Alpha Phi Alpha. Much love to you my brothas and sistas.. When I left, there were eleven brothers on the yard. In some respects that would actually be a compliment. | Reply. Would one need to denounce one org to be in your org? If you were truly oriented to the black community you may know a little something about what I am talking about. It is good to hear that your experience with the fraternity was a good and positive one. Saturday, July 5, 2008 Again, thanks for your prior comments. | Reply. | Reply. Without giving too much away, are the processes different in anyway? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. There are better ways to promote the fellowship of black men. And true we do have less than stellar Brothers within our ranks. Monday, February 4, 2008 your own Pins on Pinterest I look forward to hearing your comments. It subjugates people at a subconscious level. One particularly nasty session (I wasn’t hit) had me damn near in tears. When I went off to study at an all black college I was encouraged to join one of the fraternities. I am a student at Morehouse College and thinking about joining Alpha Phi Alpha. People, please look take a look at your comments. | Reply. Comment by brotherpeacemaker | That does nothing but divide us even more. My commitment to that will never change. Transfer your cookies to a cooling rack or cool plate. Thanks for the feedback and positivity Rashid Far’Sal. Their focus was on being the best chapter in the Alpha universe and they were a unit unto itself unwilling to help us. Every brother who joins the frat helps to build their chapter. One characteristic of leadership is the courage to do things differently than others. It is logical for us to ignore the beauty of these documents because of their white supremacists origins? My experience has made me more sensitive to the practice of exclusion and separation and self promotion. Thanks to all. The unfortunate thing about it is, our people are too proud of a people. And I’m not talking about how much you’ve towed the line and carried out the fraternity’s agenda. Now, slowly add the dry ingredients into the wet mix in the mixer. | Reply. Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Why should Alpha Phi Alpha be different? Like people who develop a relationship with a significant other thinking that their choice can change, I do not think it is a logical choice of action to return to an organization that appears so hellbent on behaviors that are somewhat detrimental to the black community.

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