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“These comments have rightly cost me my job,” he said. Andrews said two other government ministers who were implicated in the allegations of branch stacking – Kairouz and Robin Scott – had assured him there were not involved in any wrongdoing. Mamamia recaps SAS Australia: This show just got completely out of control. Victoria’s opposition leader, Michael O’Brien, said Scott and Kairouz should also be immediately stood down, accusing the premier of running a “protection racket” for the two ministers. Opposition Leader Michael O'Brien accused the Premier of running a "protection racket" for the ministers, who he said should stand down while the matters raised in the report were investigated. "He is not worthy of an opportunity to resign. Earlier, Mr Andrews said he "no longer" regarded Mr Somyurek as part of the Victorian Labor team and had contacted the National Executive Committee requesting Mr Somyurek's expulsion from the party. 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Branch stacking involves recruiting or signing up members for a local branch of a political party for the purpose of influencing the outcome of internal preselections of candidates for federal and state parliament. "It has no place in the Australian Labor Party," he said. Premier Andrews said he would seek to have Mr Somyurek expelled from the Australian Labor Party and has referred the allegations to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) and Victoria Police. As Ant Group readies its IPO should investors bet on the Chinese firm? In the recordings, Somyurek also takes aim at his colleagues, including Marlene Kairouz, whom he describes as holding a “meaningless” portfolio “made up just to make it look like we’re interested in the suburbs”. It could help bring more than a million people out of poverty. At a press conference on Monday, the Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews, said he had sacked Somyurek, had asked Labor’s national executive to expel him from the party, and referred the allegations to Victoria police and Victoria’s anti-corruption watchdog, Ibac. This morning, Mr Andrews said Essendon MP Danny Pearson would be sworn in to replace Mr Somyurek as Local Government Minister. There are many robust discussions that occur on any given day in the Labor Party across all factions. Words spoken by one man will not derail this work.". Breaking: Adem Somyurek has quit as a minister in the Andrews Government. What happens next? Premier Daniel Andrews this morning confirmed Somyurek had been sacked by him at 9am. VIC News. 60 Minutes: Victoria Labor MP Adem Somyurek accused of branch stacking A senior Victorian government minister has been accused of branch-stacking … The more fake members you control, the more say you have over who the ALP puts into parliament. “Further, I am deeply sorry for language I used regarding highly valued and exceptional young people who are members of the LGBTI community. "The conduct of Mr Somyurek is reprehensible and at odds with everything the ALP stands for," he said. "I am not necessarily announcing a review, I'll be announcing a number of steps that will deal with those issues," he said. There is no place in my team for him,” he said. Victorian ALP minister and power broker Adem Somyurek has been sacked from state cabinet, following a 60 Minutes exposé last night. Under the constitution, no more than 17 MPs from the Lower House can sit in Cabinet. However I accept and take full responsibility for the fact that my language on a number of occasions was simply not appropriate. Lily Allen and David Harbour prove inseparable on stroll in NY, When is State of Origin Game I, how can I watch it and who is going to win? Somyurek also describes young staffers helping him as “patronising and annoying”, and “real little fucking slimy little fuckers, little passive-aggressive fucking gay kids”. Adem Somyurek has resigned as a Victorian minister amid allegations of branch stacking to amass influence in the Labor party. "Violent, misogynistic language perpetuates the attitudes and behaviours that enable a culture of violence against women," she said. After a year-long covert surveillance operation, reporter Nick McKenzie reveals undeniable evidence which lays bare the dirty underbelly of the ALP and unmasks Somyurek’s attempts to be a political puppeteer. Florida is voting on whether to raise the minimum wage to $15. A Victorian government minister has been sacked after he was hit with accusations of branch stacking and was caught making sexist and homophobic remarks about fellow MPs and party members. These comments have rightly cost me my job.”. In one recording, Somyurek boasts of controlling two-thirds of the Labor party in Victoria. “In backing Adem Somyurek, Daniel Andrews put his own political interests ahead of the interests of Victorians. In a statement on Monday, Ibac said it had received the referral from the Victorian attorney general, Jill Hennessy, “concerning the conduct of public officers”. "He is not worthy of an opportunity to resign. It is clear that I was taped and surveilled in a Federal electorate office without my knowledge and that this material was published without my knowledge of its existence or my consent. Somyurek is always on the phone, mixing charm and menace as he micro-manages those in his operation. Speaking on ABC Radio on Monday, the reporter Nick McKenzie stressed that the recordings had been lawfully obtained by the Age and 60 Minutes. Daniel Andrews labels MP’s conduct and comments ‘completely deplorable’, First published on Sun 14 Jun 2020 20.35 EDT. He was sacked. While Ms Williams and I have been at odds factionally for many years, I should not have used the language I did about her and I apologise to her unequivocally. With respect to allegations made around memberships of the party, I reject those and will be providing a rigorous defence during any party process. Nine's 60 Minutes program last night aired alleged recordings of the former Labor powerbroker and Upper House MP in which he disparaged Gabrielle Williams, the Minister for Prevention of Family Violence. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, U.S. TV networks prepare to deliver results of an unprecedented election. In his statement on Monday, Somyurek said he would also seek a police investigation into the release of the tapes, which he said were private conversations with a “friend and factional ally of mine”. These comments have quite rightly cost me my job. Andrews said Somyurek’s “conduct and comments” were “completely deplorable, they are shameful and it is on that basis that there is no place in my government for him”. Footage shot on 13 April shows Somyurek withdrawing $2,000 in cash from an ATM before handing it and dozens of party membership forms to an adviser working for a fellow Labor minister. A statement from Labor’s national president, Wayne Swan, indicated that Somyurek had resigned from the party on Monday before the party executive could expel him. He also said two other ministers named in the 60 Minutes program, Marlene Kairouz and Robin Scott, had assured him they acted appropriately "at all times". But the Premier's new pick may lose his role before he begins, because the appointment appears to be in breach of the Victorian constitution. Footage of Adem Somyurek aired on 60 Minutes. The Age and 60 Minutes have obtained more than 100 audio and video surveillance files. Branch stacking occurs when large groups of people are recruited to become members of a local political party branch and instructed on how to vote on key internal party decisions, including preselection for seats in Parliament. An investigation by the Age and 60 Minutes alleged on Sunday night that the upper house MP Adem Somyurek handed over thousands of dollars … "The ALP National Executive takes these matters incredibly seriously, and will be responding to the wider issues raised over the last 24 hours in the coming days.". In a statement, the Labor Party's national president, Wayne Swan, said Mr Somyurek had resigned his party membership and the National Executive Committee had taken further steps to ensure there would "never be a place for Mr Somyurek in the ALP ever again". The Premier's office has been contacted for comment. It is against Labor rules to pay for other people’s memberships. At the time, Premier Andrews welcomed his "good friend" back, saying "he's going to do a fantastic job". In the same news report, he was caught on tape describing a fellow Victorian state Labor MP, Gabrielle Williams, as a “stupid, stupid moll” and labelling some Young Labor members as “little passive-aggressive fucking gay kids”. It follows publication of numerous personal and private conversations between myself and a long term friend and factional ally of mine. Your basic guide to the US election: When is it? But he apologised for his language towards Williams and said he was “deeply sorry” for the way he talked about the LGBTI community. Tonight on #60Mins, a major joint investigation with The Age exposes the rotten and corrupt operation run by Labor’s faceless man: Adem Somyurek.

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